12 Deer Hunting Tips and Tactics

Scent When you’re out hunting in the field, you want to expel the least amount of body scent as possible! To get close to a deer, you must camouflage your own scent. Do not wear anything that is unnatural smelling, including body fragrances or clothing. A deer’s nose has a very fine-tuned sense of smell, and they can pick up any scent from afar! Your local Big R store sells scent killing detergent to wash your clothes in, and a… Read the rest

4 Players All Set To Establish AFirm Footing In The NFL

Phillip Gaines
The summer months are all about training camp in the NFL. The NFL will soon be loaded with news of training camp in the coming days. Every team is optimistic in the NFL of polishing the full potential of their players. For some teams, the optimism will soon be relished and realized, while for some teams, it will be established that their squads are just not good enough to make it to the Super Bowl. However, this is what the… Read the rest